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Ruel Baui

Ruel Baui

RB has been working with NPS Realty since 2008. In a span of just 3 years, he was able to build his impressive roster of clientele including Japanese expats working from notable companies around Makati. Being very proactive and focused, he enjoys dealing with clients from around the world. He believes that there is always something new to learn about every transaction he handles- which is his secret formula for being inspired most of the time.

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What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies includes going to the gym, playing badminton, photography, designing men’s shirts, travelling and shopping.

What is the most exciting part of the business?

The most exciting part of business is getting to know different kinds of client/individuals from around the world.

What would be the most challenging part of the business?

The most challenging part of the business is trying to meet the client’s demands and expectations because being a perfectionist, I want to make sure that each request is granted, no matter how big or small.

Share a quote or a life lesson you have learned throughout your years of experience:

I’d like to share this special quote that moved and inspired me;

"Appreciate what comes your way everyday whether it be it good or bad. Life has to maintain that balance of the positive and the negative- the yin and the yang. Light cannot exist without the dark. When challenges come your way, look forward to triumph; and when you attain success, be ready for more hurdles to level up and be better.

This is what life is all about...your life purpose....Be the best you can be! Conquer!"

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